Coventry Bears Rugby League
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Coventry Bears Rugby League Club

Managing Director

Alan Robinson
Coventry Bears Club Director and Head of Operations
07974 517519

Club Director

Ron Banks
Coventry Bears Club Director
07956 251379

Club Finance Manager

Hugh Brown
Coventry Bears Head of Finance
07825 128243

Press and Media

Alan Robinson
Coventry Bears Press and Media Manager
07974 517519

Sponsorship & Marketing

Alan Robinson
Coventry Bears First team Sponsorship and Marketing Manager
07974 517519

Coventry Bears Junior Community Club

Dan Poulton
Community Club Manager
07702 312687

Coventry Bears Womens Community Club

Michelle Umaga
Head of Coventry Bears Women’s
07828 190326

Paul Prestige
Coventry Bears Womens Manager
07812 753201