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Coventry Bears Lotto

Coventry Bears have now launched a lottery. The new scheme has been set up to assist the Bears in achieving its development goals whilst giving our fan base a great way of winning cash prizes! There are 4-5 draws made each month (every weekend) with a chance to win £50 a week. To join the lottery at just £6 per month (standing order), please download the membership form from the link below, sign the form and post it back to us to set up your membership. For further information you can also contact Debbie Watson the Bears lotto co-ordinator at Each week winners will be posted below and through our social networks of Facebook and Twitter. Please download our 2014 Membership form here and post it back or hand it to a club official: Coventry Bears Lottery form

Download Membership Form

Winners 2014

Week 1 Winner (January 4th/5th weekend) is Lillian Malone

Week 2 winner is Sean Noone

Week 3 winner is Alan Biggs

Week 4 winner is Melissa Green

Week 5 winner is Gwen Robinson

Week 6 winner is Ben Powis

Week 7 winner is John Peakman

Week 8 winner is Scott Clendenning-Fenton

Week 9 winner is Steve Smith

Week 10 winner is Stephen Williamson

Week 11 winner is Jean Brown

Week 12 winner is Belinda Poulter

Week 13 winner is Alex Brown

Week 14 winner is Mr C Royston

Week 15 winner is Scott Carver

Week 16 winner is Ron Banks

Week 17 winner is Debbie Drake

Week 18 winner is Jackie Stevens (Bank Holiday Winner)

Week 19 winner is Tom Davies
Week 20 winner is Nick Brown
Week 21 winner is Geoff Hawksworth
Week 22 winner is Jackie Stevens
Week 23 winner is Adam James
(Winners below from here we are drawing all winners in that month in one go)

Week 24 winner is Ian Grime

Week 25 winner is Mandy Aynsworth- Holmes

Week 26 winner is Richard Walsh

Week 27 winner is Wayne Box

Week 28  Christine Fensome
Week 29  Greg Vears
Week 30  E Hockenhull
Week 31  Clive Bevan
August Winners
Week 32 Matt Tsang
Week 33 Leslie Jones
Week 34 Andrew Mills
Week 35 Mark Slater
Week 36 Alistair Carlton
September Winners
Week 37 Kay Fensome
Week 38 Michelle Umaga
Week 39 Mark Sloan
Week 40 Andrew Vivian









Winners from Year 1 2013

Launch winner is Alan Biggs of Eastern Green, Coventry

Week 2 winner is Debbie Drake from Canley, Coventry

Week 3 winner is Mrs Gwen Robinson from Enniskillen in N Ireland

Week 4 winner is Steven Tsang from Huddersfield

Week 5 winner is Kay Fensome from Chapelfields in Coventry

Week 6 winner is Ron Banks from Binley in Coventry

Week 7 winner is Jean Brown from Eastern Green in Coventry

Week 8 winner is Paul Prestidge from Coventry

Week 9 Christmas winner is Clive Bevan from Coventry

Week 10 New Year winner is Thomas Davies from Stratford

Week 11 winner is Jackie Stevens from Coventry

Week 12 winner is Alex Brown from Coventry

Week 13 winner is Liz Watson from Eastern Green

Week 14 winner is Ben Powis from Coundon

Week 14 winner is Christine Fensome from Coventry

Week 15 winner is Geoff Hawksworth from Coventry

Week 16 winner is Jean Williams from Coventry

Week 17 winner is Andrew Mills from Cardiff

Week 18 winner is P Nayyar from Coventry

Week 19 winner is Scott Clendenning-Fenton from Canley, Coventry

Week 20 winner is Tim Poulter from Coventry

Week 21 winner is Michelle Umaga from Kenilworth

Week 22 winner is Belinda Poulter from York

Week 23 winner is Christine Fensome from Coventry

Week 24 winner is Paul Prestidge from Coventry

Week 25 winner is Lilian Malone

Week 26 winner is Alex Brown from Coventry

Week 27 winner is Mark Sloan from Leicester

Week 28 winner is Sally Poulter from York

Week 29 winner is Lesley Jones from Longford

Week 30 winner is John Peakman from Coventry

Week 31 winner is Hugh Brown from Coventry

Week 32 winner is Leah Robinson from Enniskillen

Week 33 winner is Paul Prestidge from Coventry

Week 34 winner is Mr C Royston from Solihull

Week 35 winner is Mr Fred James from Coventry

Week 36 winner is Nick Brown from Coventry

Week 37 winner is Sean Noone from Coventry

Week 38 winner is Michael Shires from Yorkshire

Week 39 winner is Dave Jones from Warwick

Week 40 winner is Matt Tsang from Solihull

Week 41 winner is Tim Poulter from Coventry

Week 42 winner is Hugh Brown from Coventry

Week 43 winner is Wayne Box from Coventry

Week 44 winner is Ian Grime from Coventry

Week 45 winner is Ron Banks from Binley in Coventry

Week 46 winner is  Andrew Vivian from Sheffield

Week 47 winner is  Jeremy Shires from Leeds

Week 52 winner is Matt Tsang from Solihull

Week 53 winner is P Naayyar from Coventry

Week 54 winner is Mandy Ainsworth-Holmes from Coventry

Week 55 winner is Liz Watson from Coventry

Week 56 winner is Mark Sloan from Leicester

Week 57 (December 7th 2013) winner is Martin Malone

Week 58 (December 14th 2013) winner is Ron Banks

Week 59 (December 21st 2013) winner is Steven Tsang

Week 60 (December 28th 2013) winner is Kay Fensome

Merry Christmas to all!